Ramping Up Digital Engagement At RIMS

Jun 13, 2016, 17:30 PM by David McMillin


When you peruse the current portfolio of education from RIMS, it’s clear that the Risk Management Society™ is well ahead of the online curve with an extensive library of webcasts, e-courses, and podcasts. Now, Stuart Ruff-Lyon, CMP, DES, is preparing to help the organization dive even further into the digital landscape. After being promoted to Vice President of Events and Education, Ruff-Lyon is using his digital events expertise to shape the new era of international engagement at RIMS.

“We’ve been exploring online and digital learning over the past several years at RIMS,” Ruff-Lyon says. “It’s become increasingly important to us as we’ve been thinking about our global growth strategy.”

While the RIMS audience has historically been centered in North America, Ruff-Lyon says the organization is working to determine the needs of the risk audience in various places around the world. Charting that course might begin with a behind-the-screen approach rather than investing in face-to-face experiences in new markets. “The least risky way to reach new audiences is likely through digital programming,” Ruff-Lyon says. “It gives us flexibility to see what content resonates with members in different parts of the world.”

RIMS recently unveiled a fundamentals of insurance course in Spanish, and the organization is working on another course that will be offered in Spanish and Portuguese.

Using Data To Fuel The Future

As RIMS continues to add online course offerings, Ruff-Lyon and his team are working to leverage the organization’s flagship event, the RIMS Annual Conference & Exhibition, with virtual attendees, too. For the past two years, Ruff-Lyon says they have live-streamed the general sessions and keynote speakers.

“We’re aiming to track how people are tuning in and consuming our content,” Ruff-Lyon says. “Our numbers have been steadily growing, and we’re using the data we collect on our audience’s viewing preferences to determine how to build a hybrid strategy.”

The initial success of the strategy paved the way toward a first in 2016: Playback RIMS. Based on which sessions had the highest registration numbers in advance of the conference, the organization partnered with a third party to capture more of the face-to-face content and repurpose it in an on-demand library. As Ruff-Lyon looks ahead to the 2017 Annual Conference and beyond, he hopes to be able to invest in a new learning management system that will give the organization enhanced capabilities to deliver digital content. While that content may not immediately connect with all of RIMS 11,000+ existing members, Ruff-Lyon highlights that he is thinking about the rising stars in the risk management industry who will shape the new generation of RIMS.

“Forecasting for the future is the biggest challenge,” Ruff-Lyon says. “A lot of what we’re doing with digital content may not be as impactful for today’s members as it will be for the members three years from now. But we know that we’re building a foundation that will prepare the organization for the continuing evolution of adult learning.”

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