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E-Book - Key Marketing, Revenue and Equipment Tips

After all the prep calls and onsite testing of equipment, you have made it to the live day.


DEI has the resources, research, and talent to move your strategy and event design forward. Need a little help or a lot - we have the connections and resources to make it happen.

Day of your Hybrid Event - Key Tips

How exciting! After all the prep calls and onsite testing of equipment, you have made it to the live day. Don't panic - things will be fine.

Tips to Live Stream Your Event

This guide will offer ideas on how to create success the first time out.

Marketing a Digital Show or Live Stream Event

The way you promote a hybrid event is very similar to how you market a face-to-face event.

Standard RFP Template and User Guide

Use this industry standard to select a solution provider.

What Equipment Do I Need?

Here is a list of equipment that is generally used.

Revenue Generation

If one of your objectives is to generate revenue to offset costs or create another revenue source, consider these opportunities.

5 Livestreaming Key Terms

Learn the terms coordinated with livestreaming.

Tips & Tricks For Your Next DIY Video

Learn the most efficient ways to product video.

Technical Testing For Digital Events

Download a full testing checklist to make sure you're fully prepared for your digital event.

Tips When Speaking to a Hybrid Audience

Speaking to your hybrid audience is different than your face to face attendees.

Understanding Video Formats

The first step is understanding video format to make sure you have high quality work.

5 Internet Key Terms

Learn what terms to know by heart when it comes to performing a digital event.

3 Top Tips for Online Moderation

Are you or your team prepared to be a top notch online moderator for your next digital or hybrid event? DEI has just the right tips to create a successful engaging experience for your remote audience.

The Power of Digital Events Revolutionizing Audience Engagement

PCMA’s Digital Experience Institute [DEI] released its The Power of Digital Events white paper today, supported and sponsored by Freeman.

Developing a Digital Event Engagement Strategy

This resource provides you with a high-level overview of the recommended steps for creating a long term digital events engagement plan.