Digital Event Strategist Course

Subject Matter Experts from around the globe with distinct specialties have collaborated to bring you 10 modules on the key areas of focus you need to pass the exam and earn your Digital Event Strategist certification.


Live Online Course

Looking to get the most from your experience? Join colleagues and subject matter experts live online.

  • Meets seven consecutive weeks on Wed. & Fri. at 12pm EST for 1 hour.
  • Miss a class? Watch it OnDemand.
  • Fee: $595 USD

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Self-paced Course

Full comprehensive DES course custom-made to best fit your schedule.

  • Presented by top Subject Matter Experts from around the globe
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Why earn this certification?

Earning this certification shows you are the authority on live stream and digital events. The DES certification is designed to help you effectively plan, produce and measure the results of your live stream and digital engagement events.

  • Career Advancement
  • Peer Recognition
  • Professional Growth
  • Improve Skills
  • Industry Recognition
  • Product Results
  • You don't have to seek certification to take the course

Course Overview

Updated modules are designed to help you whether it's your 1st live stream or your 100th.

  • Introduction to Digital Events
  • Strategy
  • User Experience
  • Content Strategy
  • Engagement Strategy
  • Technology
  • Revenue Models + Strategies
  • Production
  • Marketing
  • Post Event + Measurement
    (Learn more about each module)

DES Certification FAQs

By completing the DES program, DEI-certified individuals will have gained the highest-level of proficiency and achievement within the digital events industry. DES certification imparts several advantages:

  • Improve Skills: Get the skills you need to excel in live stream and digital shows. You’ll learn to extend and increase the value of your events and initiatives.
  • Industry Recognition: DES designation demonstrates your professional expertise, knowledge and experience – and your commitment to professional development.
  • Career Advancement: You’ll be uniquely qualified to lead your organization into the future. The certification validates your capabilities to plan, build, design and execute successful digital engagements and environments, opening new career opportunities within your organization and the larger meetings, events, conventions, exhibitions and learning industries.
  • Peer Recognition: DES certification demonstrates your commitment to the industry and will be instantly recognized by your peers.
  • Professional Growth: The DES program keeps you current on all digital technologies and techniques available to augment physical programs and launch online programs.
  • Produce Results: Drive the digital event initiatives for your organization empowered by the DES certification knowledge, tools and resources. 

The DES certification program is a three-part process including professional experience, an online learning program, and a final exam.

  • Application: Each DES candidate will complete an application affirming a specific level of professional experience required to sit for the certification exam. Candidates may submit prior and ongoing learning courses and continuing education units (CEUs) toward their qualification for the certification. Twenty-five hours of qualifying education must be completed to be eligible to take the exam.
  • Online Learning Program: The DES Online Learning Program is a 10-module course in digital event planning and production, and covers the key “areas of focus” to be found on the exam. Applicants earn CEU credits with each course for a total of 14 hours of digital event training.
  • DES Exam: Once a DES candidate has met the prerequisites he/she is qualified to take the exam. The examination is composed of multiple choice questions based on content from the Online Learning Program.
    • Online Exam: After you have submitted your complete application (including fees) and your credentials and CEUs have been verified, we will forward you the proctor and ethics statements documents. Once we receive these documents back from you we will work closely with you to schedule your online exam.

To qualify for the DES credentials, a candidate must demonstrate the following:

  • Applicant must be currently or recently (within 12 months) working in events, meetings, marketing, conventions or learning industries.
  • Applicant must have three year's experience in events, meetings, marketing, conventions, or learning industries or be a member of a professional association in one of the above fields – such as PCMA, MPI, IAEE, ASAE, AMA, CEMA, etc.
  • Applicant must have experience in various virtual and digital environments. Experience may include attending, producing or exhibiting in online events or meetings.
  • Applicant must have completed (or will complete) 2.5 or 25 clock hours worth of digital-related continuing education in 10 key “areas of focus” within 12 months of application. Programming may include online and/or onsite education programs through the Digital Experience Institute or other as approved by DEI.
Note: While event planning and management certification demonstrates an individual’s high standard of professional achievement within the meeting, event, convention and exhibition industries, DEI recognizes the unique attributes required of digital event strategists. As such, there are no exceptions to the DES program prerequisites. Digital-related CEUs earned in the process of achieving the meeting or event-planning certification may qualify for use toward the DES prerequisites, if they’re approved by DEI and within the stated time frame.
Right now. There is no set schedule of exam dates, so you can begin as soon as your application has been approved.

Please check the upcoming live course dates if you would like to participate in those instead of the self-paced course.
Re-certification will require 20 clock hours of “new” virtual/digital-related continuing education programs, with an average of 10 clock hours per year. Programming may include online and/or onsite education programs through the Digital Experience Institute or other event management organizations as approved by DEI. Need more CEUs? Visit the OnDemand library.

No exam will be required if certification is not allowed to lapse.

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