Why the Digital Event Strategist?

Earning this certification shows you are the authority on live stream and digital events.
The DES certification is designed to help you effectively plan, produce and measure the results of your live stream and digital engagement events. Both the course and exam cover 10 key areas of focus. Exam, Course and Application for DES cost: $1,095.

Customer testimonials

Gayle Wiithers
Gayle Patterson
Withers, DES
Law School
Admission Council

My company had just started talking about digital events, and I wanted to have the tools at my fingertips before decisions were made. Signing up was a benefit to my company and also a strategic move for my career.

Thad Larson, DES
National Cattlemen’s
Beef Association

I learned a lot from just about all of the presentations and felt the content was very solid. I can understand how the curriculum in this space is evolving at such a rapid pace and that would make it difficult to stay on top of industry trends.

Astrauskaite, DES
Interreg Europe

I enjoyed the course a lot, it gave me many ideas and inspiration. It was good to learn the right terminology and also to read a lot of professional literature. Some things are on the list for the next year too. Thank you for hosting such a course. It was a pleasure.

Wendi Haught,
Framework Meetings
and Destinations

The course was great – and taking it during one of our peak business times was still possible due to the on-demand portion of the programming!

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