Course Overview


Whether you want to sit for the Digital Event Strategist Certification course, or you’re just looking to gain knowledge about digital events, this DES Online Learning Program is for you. The 10-module curriculum is designed to help you experience the latest in digital technology solutions to effectively plan and produce your digital engagements – be they meetings and events or marketing initiatives. The modules are as followed:



1. Introduction to Digital Events

  • Review how the digital event landscape has evolved
  • See how organizations find success by incorporating digital events into their communications mix
  • Look at learning objectives from all of the modules to come
  • Gain tips on how to chart a course towards certification including a technical tutorial on the DES platform

    CIC Domain: Strategic Planning

2. Strategy (2 parts)

  • Learn how organizations create value, and ultimately change, over long periods of time
  • Use a robust case study to explore how one association defined their strategy and designed a first-time digital event with it
  • See how to articulate your digital event strategy in a one page overview for the leaders of your organization
  • Review the various meeting types
  • Learn how to align with digital technologies and see the resources you’ll need to build your “dream team,” including supplier roles

    CIC Domain: Strategic Planning

3. User Experience

  • Learn how to define your audience, understand them and know how to connect with them
  • Review desired attendee outcome, experience, and engagement to see how people learn online
  • See how to leverage engagement using the tools you have available to you

    CIC Domain: Meeting or Event Design

4. Content Strategy

  • See the best practices for content strategy, creation and delivery that will allow you to significantly influence your audience and extend the ROI of your digital events
  • Learn how to collaborate with speakers and effectively crowd source to curate content around audience need while translating those preferences into effective session design
  • Find out how to use quality content that can be re-purposed to drive results well after the event ends

    CIC Domain: Meeting or Event Design

5. Engagement Strategy

  • Develop an understanding of what engagement looks like and why it’s vital to your digital experience
  • Learn challenges that may occur while keeping audiences engaged
  • See options of engagement and networking in various types of digital environments and how they can be successfully implemented
  • Explore successful tactics and strategies for fostering robust attendee communication and interaction

    CIC Domain: Meeting or Event Design

6. Technology (2 parts)

  • Review the steps required to select the best technology to meet your organization’s needs
  • Examine the wide spectrum of solutions options from open mobile streaming to robust enterprise platforms
  • Analysis of the various solution to the final vendor selection
  • Examine the current state of technology
  • Find out how to use tech to project to manage and collaborate
  • Learn how to use technology to enhance the engagement and attendee experience

    CIC Domain: Meeting or Event Design

7. Revenue Models & Strategy

  • Review the range of channel options to facilitate monetization
  • Learn how to make smart decisions as to what channel[s] work best for your organization
  • Explore the ROI opportunities beyond hard dollars and see how metrics play an important role in your monetization success

    CIC Domain: Financial Management

8. Production (3 parts)

  • Share examples of detailed project plans and timelines
  • Learn the skill sets, internal collaborators and outside resources, as well as day of responsibilities
  • Discuss how to build an environment that represents your brand and fosters interactivity
  • Learn A/V requirements, including cost benchmarks, expert tips for executing quality production, and tech considerations for streaming, encoding, encryption, and internet testing
  • Examine the best practices for finding, vetting and coaching good presenters, including legal nuances of speaker contracts for digital events
  • Find how to engage sponsor participation and gain recognition

    CIC Domain: Project Management

9. Marketing

  • Learn how to create a marketing plan for online events
  • Examine how to integrate a "traditional" marketing plan with specific objectives, actions and tools related to the virtual component

    CIC Domain: Marketing

10. Post Event & Measurement

  • Examine how tools can be used to measure and report activity to stakeholders, sponsors, speakers and your organization’s leadership
  • Explore the basic elements of measuring levels of engagement and ROI
  • Learn how and when to use simple traffic reports vs. more robust, supplemental data
  • See how you can use your data to continuously improve your future events

    CIC Domain: Strategic Planning